Skin Lightening - Treatments

The Best Skin Lightening Treatment is a 15 Day Mineral Soak.
You Just Soak Once a Day & Your Skin Will Get Much Lighter & Whiter.
The Treatment is Available from Fontaine Minerals Here.

Skin Whitening Treatment #1
15 Day Mineral Soak

This treatment works by soaking in powerful skin lightening/whitening minerals for 20 minutes per day for 15 days. This method is the most effective way to lighten skin in a safe and natural way. The results you get from this mineral soak are very impressive.
15 Day Skin Whitening Treatment
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Skin Whitening Treatment #2
Homemade Lightening Lotion

Simply mix lemon juice, pure honey and aloe to a blend that resembles moisturizing lotion. Use twice daily. This method, if followed rigorously can produce quite satisfying results. It's not the most powerful skin lightening treatment but it's certainly the cheapest and simplest.

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Skin Whitening Treatment #3
Way More Berries Way Less Sunlight

Berries are great for skin lightening because they contain high levels of anti-oxidants which cause less melanin concentrations which cause lighter skin. The opposite is true for sunlight. Exposure to sunlight causes the concentrations of melanin making the skin much darker. So bottom line, eat up all the berries and anti-oxidants you can.

- Fruits for your skin and Hair - India Times

Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Lightening

Is it even possible to lighten my skin tone?

The answer to this is definitely yes. Skin lightening is is actually not that hard to accomplish. You can lighten your skin using all natural treatments or you can use bleach. We highly recommend only all natural methods and never bleach. Bleach is an extremely corrosive substance and while it will whiten skin it will also destroy it! Your best bet for natural skin lightening is to use a mineral soak that you use at home.

What is the difference between bleaching and natural skin whitening?

Bleaching uses bleach, period. Bleaching is really really destructive and irreversible. Skin lightening can be accomplished without the use of bleach. If you use all natural methods like mineral soaks and hydroquinone cream diligently you can achieve fantastic results. We cannot express how much we disapprove of bleaching, imagine bleaching socks, yes they turn white but if you use too much beach they will disintegrate!

Examples of the destructiveness of using bleach - Before and after skin lightening celebrity pics.

I need more information about how to lighten my skin, who should I contact?

You can send us an email at We would be happy to assist with all thing related to skin lightening and skin whitening. If you know about any all natural lightening treatments we would very much like to hear about them. Please do email us if you need answers or would like to comment on the website or share something.

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A Few More Tips On Skin Lightening

Sun Tan Lotion Is Essential

If are ever exposed to the sun without some kind of sunscreen on you are not really interested in skin lightening. The sun darkens skin right away. It also does irreparable damage. If you visit the unfortunate places that don't use sun tan lotion people in their 30s look like people in their 80s! The good news for skin lightening seekers is that sun tan lotions really work great and can protect you tremendously. Just use a 60 spf in generous portions.

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Only Use Natural Methods

It's always a mistake to start making irreversible changes to your body. There are plenty of all natural skin lightening methods you can try before you need to think about anything drastic like that. Most importantly stay out of the sun and use you favourite skin lightening treatments.

Learn About the Science of Skin Lightening For Yourself.

The Wikipedia article about skin lightening is a tremendous source of information on the subject. It's actually not hard to understand and you can do for yourself what any specialist can do for you. Skin lightening stands apart from skin bleaching as a more natural less invasive method. This article has tried to provide some basic information we hope it has helped. You can contact us at the site below.
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